Monday 25 May 2015

Spoonie Make-Up | Arbonne CC Cream

Hello, hello!

I bit the bullet and wrote my first beauty post/review thingy. I love reading beauty blogs and watching beauty gurus on Youtube and just had to have a rave about this product. I have no idea if this is any good or any help so any feedback will be much appreciated! We begin with this CC Cream from Arbonne:

Finding ways to cut corners and reserve energy is all part of being a spoonie. As I often try and get every last minute of sleep before work I've found a way to save time in my make-up routine that is good for my skin too and which also helps me look less sick. Usually, I'd cleanse, tone, apply mattifying powder, moisturise, apply primer, then foundation, and a bit of powder. After attending a presentation and demonstration night a friend of mine put on about Arbonne, I decided that I'd splash out on some products, one of which is this CC Cream

It claims to have 10 benefits and seeing as it's good enough for Brad Pitt and Simon Cowell I thought "why not?". The 10 things this cream claims to be are: a primer, a protector, a concealer, a hydrator, a mattifier, a brightener, a blemish cover, a pore refiner, comforter and complexion controller. So basically it's a buildable light coverage primer that cares for you skin too.

When I first started using it I applied it like a foundation, which left me pretty orange and shiny and with most of it just sat on my skin ready to come off at the touch of a finger. I went to my Arbonne friend and she taught me to apply it with a brush and use a fraction of what I was previously. I'm so glad I did this, I absolutely love this product!

I use after cleansing, toning, mattifying and moisturising. This amount is plenty for light coverage and a bit of concealing:

I use a foundation brush to apply a thin layer of the CC cream and buff it in, then build it up where I need some concealing. This is usually under my eyes and any spots or blemishes I develop. It's very good for customisable coverage but if I want the amount a foundation provides, I use a foundation. This is because I have a few which I neglect anyway and want to keep this for times when I need its convenience as much as possible.

When it's on my face it doesn't feel as though I am wearing anything at all, especially not primer, concealer and foundation. It's so lovely and light! I find it definitely evens out my skin tone and makes my pores less visible. It stays there all day if you pop some powder over the top (and maybe if you don't – I haven't tried it). I tend to only dust a thin layer of mattifying powder over the top to keep the shine at bay. When my skin is throwing a hormone paddy or reaction wobbly I will use another concealer on top and a pressed powder for that tiny bit of extra coverage. This is what I have done in the photograph below when I finished my make-up using this CC cream as my base.

Something else I love about this is that it is botanical and continues to moisturise your skin while it is on longer than most standard moisturisers do. Since I have been using it almost every daily for a few months the condition of my skin has definitely improved. It's rarely dehydrated and spots are hardly an issue for me – they can be serious dicks, so it's nice not to have the deal with them as much. 

I also believe this product is really good value for money. I use so little each time around and it seems to be lasting forever. I was apprehensive about spending so much money (£30 - a bit less if you invest in becoming a preferred client) on a product  I had no experience of as it is a lot of money to me, and not an amount I'd like to waste. It was so worth the gamble though and it really does go a long way. I use it all the time and have plenty left after purchasing it in January.

All in all I love this cream. It saves me time and energy, helps me look less sick, treats my skin and lasts a long time. It's wonderful. Arbonne works like Avon so you need a representative to buy products. This is the link to shop via my friend and rep :)


  1. This stuff sounds wonderful, if they have a shade pale enough for me I might give it a go and compare it to my current fave CC cream from GOSH. Fab post hun x

    The Vegan Taff | Cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle

    1. I'd love them to release a paler shade of this! I use the lightest one and it looks so orange on me at first, and after I work it in I swear my face and half my neck are a different colour to the rest of my neck and chest, but when I look in a normal mirror (I use a close mirror in a palette to apply make-up as my house lacks practicality) it looks fine. It's very strange. I don't think it helps that I have a pink face and yellow neck/chest haha.

      I think they have a great returns policy, or something. I'll find out for you as it's worth a go if so. Is the GOSH one a mutli-tasker, too?