Monday, 27 April 2015

Lisa Gets Leaner | Tea | Pineapple and Grapefruit Green Tea

Something I have been doing to cut out a fair few calories a day in my losing weight mission and curb my appetite in-between meals is to replace my usual sugary, milky* tea with herbal/fruit tea. I've found it hard to achieve until now.

While I'd like to just replace normal tea with green tea and feel like a healthy person, it just... ew, no. it does NOT hit the spot, or even taste that nice. Fruit and herbal teas are always appealing, but 90% of the time they sound amazing, smell amazing, and taste... well, like not much at all. Definitely not nice, or like they smell. They tend to be so disappointing I don't want to try new ones because the emotional scars left by previous ones are so deep.

However, now I am more serious about weight loss, I am more serious about my 0-1 kcal tea and will be reporting here any that are actually worth the money. This has been inspired by one tea I have recently discovered. I sincerely hope there will be more!

The tea in question is Pineapple and Grapefruit Green Tea from Twinings, beautifully modelled here by R2D2.

While the taste of green tea is still pretty prevalent, it hits the centre of your tongue and is diluted either side by the fruity yumminess of grapefruit and pineapple. All the bitterness plain green tea brings is eliminated and it makes a very pleasurable drink. I am very pleased with this one and will be exploring more of the Twinings flavoured green tea rangevin hope of more joy.

Happy tea drinking!

*Dairy-free milk, obviously ;)


  1. My favourite tea, during the day is Earl Grey! With lemon..
    Can l also say, l enjoy 2~3 cups of Green Tea..Green tea
    is very good for reducing cholesterol...It's a known fact....
    I also have varieties of 'fruity' teas, and during the summer
    months l make 2~3 pots to bottle up and put in the fridge,
    for refreshing cold drinks...Certainly healthier than bottle
    bought drinks!

    1. I forgot about Earl Grey! Shall definitely be getting that back into my live soon. I shall try icing my own fruit teas, too :) sounds lovely! Thanks for your knowledge, Willie, again!