Thursday 30 April 2015

Lisa Gets Leaner | Spoonie Food - Soup in a Can

Part of having a chronic illness is finding ways to eat that don't involve much spending of energy. Half the time you need food to function but have to function to achieve food. Luckily, lots of oven and microwave meals exist, along with pre-chopped vegetables and lots of pre-packaged snacks. However, when you're trying to be healthy and/or lose weight these are not always ideal. Being vegan they are not always readily available, and if they are they're not always affordable (Oh, Vbites frozen pizza, if only you were 50p). Finding healthy, low calorie vegan food that doesn't involve much prep is a task, but one I enjoy, so as I combine things with little effort and result in something decent, I shall post details here.

We begin with an easy soup, erm, recipe? Just in time for summer.

Ingredients/pre-made foods as pictured:

1 can Heinz Lentil Soup: 186 kcal
1 Kingsmill wholemeal brown roll (Any will do, I prefer Co-operative own brand): 167 kcal
Dairy-free spread (Vitalite): 70 kcal
Sriracha (Bangthai): 20 kcal
Pinch of basil. *shrug*

= 443 kcal

Instructions (I'm sure you can guess, but...):
  • Heat up the soup on the hob or in a microwave
  • Flavour to taste if required
  • Grill the bread roll in two halves
  • Pour the soup in a bowl
  • Spread the Vitalite on the roll
  • Sriracha that soup!
  • Dunk the roll in and enjoy!

Obviously you can change this up with any soup you want, any bread you want, adding wholewheat pasta or brown rice instead of bread, using any spices or herbs, if any (not EVERYTHING needs sriracha, apparently). I have featured this combination because it has protein, vegetables and fibre, lentils are fabulous and filling, the chunks of veg are satisfying and I can have a whole can at only 186 kcal. Also you can stock up on canned soup in the winter when it's on offer and keep it in your cupboard for when you're low on spoons and big on hunger. I choose a rolls over sliced bread because they are more filling than one slice and less calories than two. 

Gods of chronic illness, bless soup in a can.
Thank you, Heinz for your accidentally vegan soup in a can.

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