Wednesday 1 April 2015

And So It Begins...

Hello there, blog readers.

I am Lisa, I like dogs and I have been advised to blog, so here I am. An introduction seemed to be the most logical first post so here goes:

I am 27 years young, yet living the life of a 17 year old due to suffering from Chronic Fatigue and having to move back to mother's in Purbeck, UK after university to rebuild my ability to actually do things. At university I studied illustration and although hating the course, developing this exhaustion I didn't understand, having regular break-downs and being in and, I bagged a degree! Making me a bachelor of the arts. Posh posh. Or not, considering how many people have them.

I am currently wasting that degree at a pub under a broken castle, serving beer and trying to be a waitress despite my inherent clumsiness. In-between shifts I am trying to complete my second perzine in a series I'm publishing called The Jellygoose Chronicles. I shall write about the wonder of zines and what they are soon as I find most people haven't a clue what they are. The first issue is available from my Etsy shop. I also have a blog for any drawing I manage to get done. I do love drawing. This time also spent dog sitting, sleeping, watching cartoons, sci-fi and YouTube videos on science, lifestyle and beauty.

My interest in beauty and make-up only really developed last year when I was asked to wear make-up for my job. YouTuber tutorials really helped with this as I learnt how to actually put things onto my face and whatnot. My upcoming zine will go into more detail into my relationship with make-up, but right now I love it, and am not dependent on it, which for me is an achievement! It really excites me so do not be surprised if this blog involves a lot of make-up.

As my energy levels improve I intend to work more, save money, move out of mother's house, become a dog trainer and study to become a dog behaviourist and reverse the damage done by Dominance Theory.That will probably take at least 'til my 50s, so for now I am on two missions:

1) Lose weight in hope it will help improve my CFS symptoms and aid possible recovery. This is especially challenging due to the CFS and being an ex-anorexic, and bulimic... and binge eater for that matter. But I'll do it!


2) Learn to drive and increase my prospects for future jobs – especially in the world of dogs.

Through following this blog you will join me on these journeys, learn about things I get overly excited about – usually beauty products, music, feminism, zines, body positive stuff, help with mental health and hell knows what else. We'll see what happens and what this blog ends up being. For now though, thanks for reading, take care and have fun.

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  1. I'm so excited that you've started blogging, I can't wait to read more from you!